De Bortoli's Vineyard

Australian Soil Management's designed compost unlocks available phosphorous and improves soil structure after one application on heavy clay soils.

Why Organic Matter Matters

Fact number one: Plants are the mainstay of ALL life on earth. Organic matter begins with plants when they use carbon dioxide (CO2) and water to capture sunlight energy. The energy is stored in chains of carbon atoms we call sugars, starches, fats, oils and proteins. Humans, other animals, insects and microbes consume plants to extract the sunlight energy as nourishment. Strictly speaking, organic matter is plants and all the living things they support. However, in everyday use, organic matter is dead and decaying plants and animals. It is found in mulch, compost, manure, bio-solids, straw, hay, stubble and many other sources. What is organic matter in soil? Organic matter in soil is the sum

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