Increasing farm productivity & profits through soil carbon opportunities creates an innovative & dynamic solution to variable climate issues and still achieve a triple bottom line benefit.


ASM plans to build a substantial portfolio of strategically placed farms in key Australian States & Territories. Through a combination of capital appreciation and soil carbon building programs, we are offering investment returns in excess of 15%. From 2012 we have worked with farmers under real world conditions to develop our Active Carbon Farming (ACFR) model for the regeneration of soils towards building better farming enterprises. Results have been outstanding in a relatively short period of time.


The benefits are increased profitability, greater resilience in the face of climate change, and the delivery of environmental co-benefits to reduce their carbon footprint. A significant co-benefit is the generation of Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) as an additional source of income for the farming enterprise.  For the investor, carbon abatement contracts can be a lucrative secondary income source with minimal impact on existing faming enterprises such as sheep and cattle grazing. Carbon credit income provides a consistent source of cash flow in mitigating seasonal variables such as drought or low commodity prices. ASM have expertise and extensive experience in managing carbon abatement programs for the land sector.


We welcome all enquiries about ASM and this unique investment opportunity. Please contact Norman Marshall, Director,

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